Oct 27 Meeting

Brian Wheatley from the Rotary Club of Regency Park was our Guest Speaker. Brian talked about INF and his visits to Nepal, both as a member of Regency Park and their Grants working to help the region, and personally with his wife, Heather.
International Nepal Fellowship (INF) is a Christian mission serving the physical and spiritual needs of Nepali people through health and development work. In all its community work, INF partners with local government as well as non-government organisations.

For almost 60 years, Green Pastures Hospital [GPH] in Pokhara has been the flagship of INF’s work in Nepal, providing treatment and care for people living with leprosy. Since its doors opened in 1957, GPH has provided treatment and relief to thousands, earning it a reputation of delivering high standard care to the poorest and most marginalised people of Nepal.

For every 1,000 people in Nepal, there are eight who live with leprosy. This is two and a half times higher than the global average.

Nowadays, the work at GPH also includes treatment and rehabilitation for people living with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities, reconstructive surgery for problems such as burns contractures, orthopaedic surgery and palliative care.

Annually, GPH serves about 11,000 patients and remains the biggest leprosy and rehabilitation hospital in Nepal’s Western Regions. It remains the hub for referrals from other INF centres, as well as hospitals and local partner organisations across western Nepal.
We thank Brian for his most illuminating presentation about the INF and the vital work being done there with the assistance of the RC of Regency Park.