Calperum Station

Calperum Station is located approximately 20kms north of Renmark near the River Murray in South Australia. In the early pastoral life of South Australia, Calperum was a large sheep station. The property is now owned and managed by Australian Landscape Trust which works towards the restoration and sustainable management of the property.

For many years, various members of The Rotary Club of Prospect have travelled to Calperum Station to assist in the research and monitoring programs bringing together community volunteers with Calperum’s own research staff, academic researchers and a range of partner agencies. Current activities incorporate long-term monitoring programs and targeted research activities investigating areas of particular concern for the region. Ongoing programs include a range of annual biological surveys and threatened species monitoring progams. In recent years, significant projects researching carbon cycling in mallee woodlands, groundwater salinity on the Calperum floodplain and new appoarches to vegetation restoration have been established in collaboration with a range of partners.

In add to assisting with this important work, visits to Calperum Station are also a good opportunity for Rotary Club members to share experiences and get to know each other better. Partners of Rotary Club members are often invited to join us for our trips to Calperum which are usually in the order of 3 days long.