Meeting Recap – 9 March

The evening commenced at 5.00pm with an informal Board meeting with District Governor Jeff Neale whist his wife Jenny was hosted by Ingrid.

Governor Jeff was impressed with the quantity and quality of our projects and was even more impressed with our new membership drive/efforts (many thanks to Arch).

The formal meeting commence with President Grenville welcoming DG Jeff, Jenny and other special guests.

After the usual formalities, DG Jeff, President Grenville and Arch then inducted our latest member Edward Dixon. Edward responded with his reasoning for joining Rotary. Welcome Edward.

Unfortunately Mark was unable to be inducted on the night due to Covid restrictions.

DG Jeff then address the meeting with a revised presentation from RI President Shekhar and Jenny presented her yearly project ‘All Kids’, a project to benefit the education of children in Cambodia. A project close to her heart.

All in all a successful meeting with a great turnout and fellowship.